Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Your Preschooler and Moving

There needs to be a book or movie or website or something that can realistically explain to a three-year-old what it means to move! Poor Coral is oh so confused. She's exceptionally bright for her age and I think she gets the whole idea that we're taking our belongings and moving them into another house, but at the same time she doesn't quite believe that all of her things will arrive safely at their new destination or that we won't be living here anymore. To make matters worse, our new house has been occupied by the owner both times we've been to see it (they are moving out in the next 2 weeks), and Coral met the owners' two-year-old daughter and played with all of her toys there. I think Coral may be thinking the new house comes equipped with a playmate and toys! Oops!

I've also been pulling out all of our old junk for a yard sale as I pack, which I know isn't helping. How can I tell Coral in my best happy sing-song voice, "Don't worry, ALL of our things are being packed up and will go to the new house!" when at the same time I'm pulling junk out to pile up on our front porch for a yard sale? If I were her I'd be confused too! Plus she will soon be sharing a bedroom with Ibis and I'm not so sure she's excited about it. Right now our bed is in her little room (along with Hobie's crib, loooong story!) and I think she'd much prefer to keep the arrangement just like that. I actually am not bothered by it, but at the same time it would be nice to have a bedroom that hasn't been taken over by pink toys and isn't decorated with Pooh bear decals. This is going to be a big change for all of us!

our current crowded little room, probably the biggest reason we're moving!

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