Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Whew! I am finally getting back to myself and wanted to share the u/s photo from yesterday. Speck is doing great! We finally saw a heartbeat and it was a good strong 161 bpm. He/she is measuring right on target again and is still due Dec. 25th. My b/p was actually kind of low at 106/64 but I attribute that to having a stomach virus. I'm maintaining the 4 pound loss and am still at 158. My OB gave me some Phenergan for the nausea/vomiting from the virus and holy crap! That stuff knocked me out for 14 hours. Won't be using that stuff unless there's no other choice!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

first ultrasound

And we have a baby! Well, sort of - we have a yolk sac and we sort of saw a baby but it was nearly impossible to get any sort of picture of it. They kept going back and forth between abdominal and vaginal u/s, and the tech finally decided I might be a week less far along than thought. The due date has tentatively been pushed back to Jan 2nd, but I'm going to wait until the next u/s in 2 weeks to see if that changes again before I worry about it. They got a measurement of 6w2d abdominally and 5w5d vaginally. I know for a fact that this baby can't be *too* terribly far behind the due date. I was in there forever! Other than that, all of my bloodwork for liver and kidney function came back great, which was good to hear! So far everything looks good. Can't wait to see an actual baby in 2 weeks :lol: Here's what we can see so far. I'm calling this one Speck LOL.

All the other stuff looks good. I was down to 158, blood pressure was I believe 124/76. Obviously I was wrong last time and the top number was in the 120s, not the 160s.

Friday, May 1, 2009

beta number!!

So I got my beta number today from the blood draw on the 29th. I was either 5w6d or 6 weeks exactly depending on how you calculate things. I'm going to stick with 6 weeks - nice even number and it matches the Christmas due date. That whole dating thing is still so confusing. Anyway, the number was 5371. I think that's right down the middle of normal. We like normal! I go in Tuesday morning for the first ultrasound - looking forward to that!! I should be a day shy of 7 weeks. I have a feeling Monday is really going to drag! Hubby is taking all of Tuesday off because we're taking the kids to a surprise pool party for one of their PE buddies after homeschool PE. I wonder if he'll be brave enough to come to PE and be the only guy?