Monday, August 9, 2010

First day back to school!

Today was our first day back for the 2010-2011 school year (how did *that* happen??) We had a few tears spilled, one timeout, some arguing, and several apprehensive moments playing, "Who will mommy get to next?" but in all it went really well! This is Coral's first year really participating and even though she's 3 1/2 she is so ready. If anything I need to find additional activities for her to work on during the school day. I have lots of pictures from our day! I always start the first day of school with photographs of all the kids; in addition to going in the family photo album, I print them out and glue them onto the first page of their school portfolios. It's fun to see how much they change in a year!

Our favorite activity from today was the creation of name plaques for the school wall. I'm excited to have these up in our new school room in just a few weeks! Each kid got their own to paint, color, or draw on however they wanted. This was Coral's first time using paint and she was so excited! I thought they turned out cute :)

Alexei, my handsome 4th grader

Ibis, my pretty 2nd grader

Coral, my cutie preschooler

Hobie, wondering what on earth this whole thing is about

all four at the school table, working on lessons

Coral working on her name plaque

Hobie playing school under the table

Ibis painting her name plaque

Alexei adding his personal touch to his name plaque

the new artwork for our school wall

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