Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 7

We're still down a student - Ibis spent all of yesterday afternoon throwing up, and today she's white as a ghost and coughing and feverish. She definitely needed the day off! Then last night Hobie started acting ever so slightly sick - you could hear the teensiest rattle in his chest when he fussed. Then he screamed and cried and was inconsolable until about midnight. I finally rocked him to sleep and just brought him to bed with me, and he slept for about two hours. Then he woke up burning up with a fever and screamed the rest of the night. I gave him some infant Tylenol at about 6am and it seemed to help. He finally went down for a nap an hour ago, hopefully he will wake up feeling better! Poor kiddos :( Wonder if the other two will get sick? We're missing a park playdate/potluck with our homeschool friends today. Kids always know just when to get sick! I had kind of hoped maybe to just take the day off with Coral and *haha* take a nap, but she wasn't about to miss school today! Anyway, on to today's lessons.

Alexei, Grade 4
math p 40-47 : use rounding to add, use mental math
English p 46-47 : recognizing and rewriting run-on sentences
social studies p 26-31: read about weather and climate, and do homework pages 7-8
reading : read book of choice for 15 minutes

Ibis, Grade 2
enjoyed soup and tv on the couch

Coral, pre-K
color and glue Bobby B
4 workpages on tracing and coloring rectangles and triangles
read together Kipper by Mick Inkpen
paint and glue a paper plate puppet

painting her self-portrait puppet mask

her finished mask (she's holding on to a popsicle stick glued to the back)

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