Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 3

Alexei, Grade 4
math, p 12-19 : comparing and sequencing numbers in the millions; 
English, p 38-39 : write and correct commanding and exclamatory sentences; 
science, p 10-17 : discuss the scientific process, journal entry about building plans and create a model building using straws, paper clips, and tape
reading : read book of choice for 15 minutes (Treasure Island);

Alexei's straw tower...wonder how it'll hold up after Monday's experiment?

Ibis, Grade 2
math, p G-I : review picture graphs, shapes, and ordinal numbers; 
reading : p 5-7 and read Arthur's Reading Race;
science, p 10-17 : discuss scientific tools, journal entry about predicting how many pennies fit on a ruler

Coral, Pre-K
color and glue Al the alligator craft
color objects that are yellow
listen to Arthur's Reading Race
help make and frost cupcakes

ready to bake cupcakes!
clearly the best part of any baking - licking the frosting beater!

intent on frosting


pleased with her finished products

my artsy shot for you

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