Wednesday, May 4, 2011

mmm, chocolate!

I've been hanging on to a certain chocolate bunny lollipop since it made its way home with us on Easter; well, actually it made its way home with us times four. The other kids' lollis were in various states of decrepitude but there was one pristine bunny remaining. I missed out on playing with the studio setup with any Easter props, so today was my chance. The subject was very willing!

To say he liked it would be putting it mildly. This was a definite first for him. He was feeling very protective of his treat!

Then he was feeling rather thankful and amazed at this gift from the chocolate gods. Who knew the day would be so amazing? Who knew such things existed?

Finally, he was rather contemplative. Why have I never had this before? he wondered. Who's been holding out on me?

He has no idea of the plans I have in store for him.

Monday, May 2, 2011

the S. family photos

On Saturday I had the honor of taking photos for Miss E's upcoming second birthday. I'll admit I'm a little bit biased about E's family, because this is our third time taking photos together and they are always SO much fun! This time they wanted to have photos of E riding on the ponies at Disney's Fort Wilderness. It was a real challenge with the varied lighting conditions and very bright sun but the weather could not have been nicer and she was just darling! I got so many great photos that we all love. Here she was in her beautiful dress made by her mama:

Then her mama wanted to take some fun, footsie photos on the beach at the Fort Wilderness lakefront. I'm not sure how Miss E felt about it!

Finally we captured some sweet, happy family moments of the three of them. They are all such naturals!

I can't wait for our next session!