Saturday, August 7, 2010

It's so quiet!!

It's so quiet I can hear myself think - scary! We dropped Alexei and Ibis off this morning at my mom's house while the rest of us went to my photo shoot, and they are still out on the town and haven't called me back. So this is what life is like with two kids....hmmm....:D Actually I miss them, I like having the whole family present and accounted for. But, it was nice for Coral to have some alone time with mommy and daddy this morning (well, plus Hobie) and I admit it was nice not having those two along for the shoot.

The photo shoot went pretty well, we went to Gaylord Palms which is a gigantic hotel over near Disney. When they started construction several years ago it was supposed to be an Opryland hotel, but I guess Gaylord bought them out and that's what it is instead. It's neat, outside the hotel and around the convention center there are lots of nicely landscaped areas and fountains, and the entire inside is a huge glass-roofed atrium with waterfalls and a big Key West-themed boat and even a swamp area with alligators. We've been there a couple of times but it's been awhile; Coral was just a baby the last time we were there. I took lots of photos for my clients, and am thinking we need to go back there to take some photos of our kids. They'll love that - not! Hobie is about the only one anymore who can't run away from me and my camera. Not for much longer!

I have to make special mention of Coral - she was SO good! Mark came along with Coral and Hobie because Hobie can only be away from his boobs for so long ;D and with the drive there and back and the photo shoot, I knew Hobie would be here frantic and hungry if I had left him with Mark. So they came along and we decided to keep Coral with us. She's almost three and a half and you'd think she'd be a total nightmare at a big hotel, but she was perfect! So well behaved, and quiet, and she had a good time seeing all the waterfalls and alligators but could keep her composure and listen. We took her to McDonald's for lunch after the shoot for a Happy Meal and an ice cream. She told us, "Alexei and Ibis can't come because they don't have good behavior." Hahaha! It's sad but that's the truth!

a couple shots of Coral while I was checking out the camera settings and waiting for the clients to arrive

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