Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Happy National Watermelon Day!

No, seriously, it is! Cakewrecks has a whole host of melon hilarity posted today if you haven't seen it - it's always the bright spot of my day. Blog owner Jen Yates lives right here in Orlando and we even have a signed copy of the official Cakewrecks book. Last year Alexei and Ibis did an art project which included scoping out their favorite CW and "wreckplicating" them in cupcake form. Then we took them to the book signing and won some awesome bookmarks. Yes, we are those kinds of nerds :p

Alexei working on his Wreckplica

In other news, I'm procrastinating packing and sneaking on here for a few minutes while the baby is napping. He is the anti-nappingest baby out there so I fully enjoy every moment of this time! He didn't get to bed until 12:30 this morning since I dragged him out to that homeschool meeting late last night, so I'm *really* hoping he'll want to sleep today! I managed to get the diaper laundry switched to the dryer and the kids' rabbit cages cleaned out and if that's all I get done while he's sleeping, I'll still call it success.

It's funny about the rabbits - we bought them at the end of May (I think...) from a breeder up in Ocala, which is about 2 hours from here. Alexei and Ibis are in 4-H and we showed at the county fair for the first time in February. We didn't have any animals in the fair, just some artwork and baked goods on exhibit. We talked about what would be fun and manageable for them to show in future fairs and decided to go with rabbits. After a lot of internet searching, Alexei picked out an American fuzzy lop who looks something like a Jim Henson creation, and Ibis chose a little baby Netherland dwarf. If all goes well they will both be shown next February, and Alexei will have to keep a rabbit project book for the year (Ibis is only 7 and so is still a Cloverbud; she won't become a full-fledged 4-H member until next August). The kids feed their rabbits and take care of their water and brushing, but I wound up being the keeper of the cages. I think to ask them to do it would be a study in chaos - as it is I manage to get shavings spread out over half the house, the side porch, and the backyard by the time I'm finished. I don't mind it though; there's something satisfying about caring for a helpless little creature, and I do dearly love the furry little guys!

Alexei's rabbit, Fuzzy, and Ibis' rabbit, Snowball

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