Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 4

Alexei, Grade 4
math p 24 & 26 : Ch 1 review and test
English p 40-41 : divide sentences into complete subject and complete predicate
social studies p 18-25, HP p 4-6 : US landforms (mountain, plateau, plain, coastal region)
reading : read book of choice for 15 minutes (Treasure Island);

Ibis, Grade 2
math, p A-H : butterfly addition story
writing practice p 8-13: discuss topic and ideas, write topic and ideas about a family photograph
reading p 48-50 : read "Reading with Your Fingers" and compare to Arthur's Reading Race
social studies p 18-23 : read about government and government services, write a thank you note to a government service provider (firemen)
reading : read book of choice for 15 minutes (Five Little Monkeys with Nothing to Do)

Ibis with her crosswalk sign (from Tuesday's lesson) and her thank you card for firemen

Coral, pre-K
color and glue Super A Apple
color objects that are orange and that are black
play with math manipulative cubes
listen to Five Little Monkeys with Nothing to Do

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