Sunday, August 22, 2010

the baby cage

Yep, we broke down and bought one. Between Hobie being a quick crawler whose life mission seems to be pulling up on and smashing his face into our kitchen chairs, and us needing to finish packing the house and move, I guess it was a necessary evil. Both Mark and I have stepped on him in the past few days; the child is like a Navy Seal, he doesn't make a sound but will worm a beeline across the room in a flash trying to make a sneak attack on your shoelaces. You think he's sitting playing with a toy fifteen feet away but really he's under your feet, tongue reaching desperately for dirty laces. Thankfully we haven't hurt him! He hated his jumperoo, he hates his bouncy seat, he has minimal tolerance for his walker. We'll see how long his love for the new play yard lasts! We put his absolute favorite toy in there - his Fisher Price piano that was handed down from Coral. He likes that he can pull up on the panels and  it's much bigger than we thought it was going to be. It is nice knowing he's not fishing in the dog dish, or headed for an open door, or being harassed by his sisters!

The funniest part? We went to Babies R Us this morning to buy the Superyard XT since they're the only ones who seem to have it in store. Coral finally really saw the box as we were wrestling it into the car, and she asked what it was. We showed her the photo on the box and asked her what it looked like. Her comment? "A baby cage."

the new baby cage and its captive

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