Friday, August 13, 2010

Week 1 pre-K wrap-up

If you're following along on my blog for your pre-K or preschool child (not sure if there's a difference in terminology there, I use them interchangeably), I'm going to have a weekly wrap up that highlights all of our activities for the week. You can see which books/links we used in my list on the right of this blog (under Followers).

This week was all about the letter Aa! We printed out crafts and activities from DLTK's Alphabuddies section  and while Coral needed help with using the scissors, she was able to color and glue independently.  We used the Letter Aa template, Angie A, the alligator craft, the superhero apple craft, and the letter Aa book (one per day).

We also learned about colors using a workpage per day in the Mead Preschool Workbook (Wal-Mart, less than $6). She actually chose to do a couple of extra pages and we did a color and sort activity from the book as well.

I selected a weekly theme of "school" and gleaned ideas from the PreKinders website. She painted her nameplate, made a mosaic, helped bake and frost cupcakes, sorted and played with math manipulative cubes, and practiced with a dry erase board (one per day).

We read together, or listened to Ibis read, a new book each day. We chose How Many Fish? by Carron Cohen, Try It, You'll Like It by Marc Brown, Arthur's Reading Race by Marc Brown, Five Little Monkeys with Nothing to Do by Eileen Christelow, and The Foot Book by Dr. Seuss.

In addition we joined in the older kids' art activity and painted and folded a pinwheel. This was definitely too advanced for the pre-K skillset but when you have older siblings, the little ones are not easily deterred!

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Frosted Fingers said...

I can NOT believe how big she is!! She's still that tiny tiny preemie to me! :) Great ideas! I'll definitely follow along for some ideas!