Tuesday, August 31, 2010

sneak peek

Okay, as promised, I finally took a few photos today of our new place! We have been busy emptying out and cleaning the old place so unpacking has been a little sluggish. The baby hasn't sped up the process either! I can't wait to have everything organized and put away. We also said our final goodbyes to our old place this morning; it's a little bittersweet knowing we won't ever spend another night there. But, on to bigger and better things. School starts back up Tuesday (I forgot Monday is a holiday) so look for my upcoming school posts next week!

Now, for your viewing pleasure:

master bedroom

backyard (our yard goes all the way to that fence and then comes across at an angle)

the beginnings of the school room!

I'll take lots more photos as we progress, and as soon as everything isn't covered in boxes!

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