Sunday, August 15, 2010

4-H awards!

This is a day and a half late since I was so busy yesterday, but I wanted to share! On Friday evening Alexei and Ibis received their 4-H awards for their project record books that they chose last school year. We didn't really know what to expect since this was our first year completing any record books, and our 4-H group basically fell apart over the spring after our leader had some personal issues, and didn't have any info for us. So I didn't know if either kid was going to receive any sort of award, or even if it was supposed to be an actual ceremony or just the kids getting their books back. I am so glad we went!

A little 4-H background, Alexei is a Junior and Ibis is a Cloverbud. It goes by age, 8-10 by Sept. 1st is a Junior and 5-7 is a Cloverbud - Cloverbuds have their own separate list of projects for younger kids and are awarded for participation and not actually graded. Kids choose a project(s) at the start of the school year and have to complete at least 6 of the activities in their project books. They also have to maintain financial records, demonstrate leadership and citizenship, write a project story, and exhibit something related to their project book at the fair. At the end of the school year they make a record book of their project activities complete with photos and those are turned in and graded by another club's leaders. Kids must score a 70% to receive an award. Any books that get a 90% or higher then go on to be compared to all of the other project books of that same category, and the one deemed best in each age category receives a special medallion. Cloverbuds are the exception - they get a purple award for attempting a record book and are not eligible for medallions.

Moving on, we got there and were surprised to see a stage and a program. We found our club listed in the program guide and both kids' names were there, so we knew Alexei had scored at least a 70% and that both kids were getting awards. Then we were looking at the listing of Project Medallion Winners and there was Alexei's name! He had won the Junior Bicycle award! The kids went up with their club and then our old co-leader handed them their certificates and ribbons, and Ibis got her first year pin and Alexei got his first year and his bicycle pins. Unfortunately they didn't get their books back (no one did) so hopefully that won't be a hassle since we switched clubs over the summer.

Ibis and Alexei (left) with a couple of their old clubmates on stage

The rest of the program went along, with me taking Hobie out to the hall because he decided to be screechy, and finally they got to the project medallion winners. Alexei was as mortified to be up on stage to receive his medal as he was excited! I think he was really proud of himself though - it's really great because his bicycle storyboard that he made for the fair (with basically zero understanding of what it was supposed to be) won a white award instead of a red or blue, and he was just crushed at the time. It's great to see how much he improved and the effort he put into his project book, and how his hard work paid off! I'm a very proud mommy :)

Alexei receives his medal

Ibis with her Pets award and Alexei with his Bicycle award

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