Tuesday, January 4, 2011

"Enjoying the Park"

Today, we had a bright idea. Ibis was reading about people from long ago and today, and this particular page caught our fancy. Seeing as we're in Florida and January is the good time to be outside, I figured why not?

Since we were headed to a scenic location, I suggested Alexei bring along my backup camera to practice taking photos. He's enrolled in his first year with the 4-H photography project, and he's planning to enter four photos and a photo story into our county fair next month. I'm sincerely hoping that one day he doesn't drop my camera into a lake. Or himself, seeing as we have gators.

Please don't fall in. I really don't want to go in there after you.

This was my favorite scenic photo that he took of our local East Lake Tohopekaliga (pronounce that!)

I also sat with him and showed him how to adjust the camera's focal points. The beauty of an LCD screen is he can see his work on the spot, we can critique and adjust, and he can recompose his photos all in a matter of seconds. How did we live before digital photography?

I think he did a decent job.

Of course I brought my camera along, too. I never seem to get my fill, and find that I am always learning something. Frequently, that something is that I need lots more practice.

Sometimes, it's that taking photos with 4 kids tagging along is a colorful experience.

Occasionally, I have a sense of deja vu.

Or I take a photo just because it looks kind of neat. How would that look hanging over the sofa?

And then one reminds me of the tasks I have waiting once we're home.

Time to go, kids!

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