Monday, January 10, 2011

the stroll to toll house

I was sitting here happily editing and posting the single photo I managed to snap of Hobie taking his first real, honest amble across the house, and then it hit me. I have become my mother. I'm sitting here editing and I have found myself eating Toll House morsels straight from the bag. How did this happen? Where did I go wrong?

In my defense, at least they're butterscotch. I don't think I have it in me to eat the chocolate ones like my mom. At least I have some standards, right?


Oh yeah, back to Manlet and his first time walking. He was pretty proud of himself until I started up with the camera. I managed to take a single photo, and then he was done with that whole walking nonsense. Now he's taking a nap. Why can't I take a nap?

Uh oh, Coral just saw me eating morsels straight from the bag. Nothing like passing down a family tradition.

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