Thursday, January 6, 2011

nourishing creativity

Sometimes I'm a little lenient when the kids want a snack. Other times, I rule with an iron fist. No, you're not having a cookie! Step away from the candy jar! Those Pop Tarts are mine!

Whew, sorry about that. I get a little passionate when it comes to my Pop Tarts. Anyhow, as I was saying, I try to let the kids have some choices when it comes to eating during the day, especially with snacks. Frequently they want fruit, which is great, or both of my girls would just about live on carrots with a little ranch dressing. Coral, however, can also be the queen of gross.

After homeschool PE, everyone was ready to eat. Some of us wanted sensible foods. One of us wanted Pringles dipped in vanilla pudding.

She ate this like there was no tomorrow.

I couldn't even look at her while she was eating this. It makes me gag just typing it out.

At least there wasn't any ketchup involved.

**This post is dedicated to that little shiny gold Christmas ball, who smashed to the floor minutes after this photo was taken. You were not meant to see another tree, little shiny gold ball.**

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