Monday, January 3, 2011

back to school

We are officially back to school! After Christmas, various birthdays, and a December that I can only call  "the month of eternal sickness," pencils and crayons have been picked up once again.

Ahhh, school, the perfect excuse for my Project 365, aka photo harassment.

Alexei started the day by tackling the next state on our map : South Carolina. My favorite part of the whole 50 states project is seeing the kids develop lifelong computer skills. What ten-year-old doesn't need to learn Photoshop?

I love seeing Ibis take a real interest in this project. Being in second grade, her main tasks are to color our lead scrapbook page and to color the wall map. Today she surprised me by knowing several of the blank states on our map - she got a cool wooden state puzzle for her birthday from her Grandpa and Nana, and I'm pretty sure she puts it together at least once a day! For a visual learner like her, this project couldn't be better.

Here are the states we've covered so far! Eight down, forty-two to go. We'd better get busy!

And then we have Coral. Today she was learning all about the letter M. And still in her new Cat in the Hat pajamas at noon. I'm not sure we're ever going to get her out of her Cat in the Hat pajamas.

The school day comes to a close, Christmas has come and gone. Not a trace remains. The house has returned to normal. Well, our normal.

For crying out loud, will somebody please eat these things??

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