Thursday, January 20, 2011

finishing up those handmade chaps

I posted the big how-to for this project here; if you like sewing and creating and being crafty, that's wonderful! I'm about as crafty as a toad and I'm not much of a seamstress, but I do enjoy making cute, different things for my kids and not spending a fortune doing it. This project cost me less than $10. Today I finished up the little pink synthetic leather chaps I made for my younger daughter. Just a few little touches made them extra cute!

I had a little bit of microsuede in a darker pink, and I decided to add some flower accents with some type of eye-catching sparkle. Searching around online produced a simple flower pattern that I printed out (at 120% for the larger flower, 70% for the smaller flower, and 40% for the very small flowers on the chap yoke) and then cut out. I traced the shapes onto the back of my fabric and got my 2 large microsuede flowers, and then used scraps from the chap material for the smaller, contrasting flowers. I happened to have a bag of silver barrel beads sitting in my craft box for who knows how many years now, and decided to sew those on to the flower centers.

Barrel beads to little flower, little flower to big flower, big flower to chaps. Lather, rinse, repeat.

The look of the flowers was sweet, but I wanted a little more. So I looked around at chap photos online, specifically at chap yokes. That's the scalloped piece of tooled leather sometimes added at the top of the chaps. I decided on a simple pattern, draped the chaps over a piece of paper and traced around to get the outside edge of my yoke, and then made a basic bottom edge. I cut the yoke pattern out, traced it onto my microsuede, and then repeated in reverse for the other leg. I also sewed on a small flower made from leftover material and a few beads for added sparkle.

And that's it! My model was highly uncooperative, in the spirit of typical three-almost-four-year-olds.

I hear she gets this look from me.

I'd contest that, but it's probably true.

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