Sunday, January 16, 2011

he's a Wrangler man

Next month, we will be participating in the fair. For ten days, we will be making the daily trek out to the fairgrounds to see our 4-H displays, show our animals, show off our little guys, eat ourselves sick on cotton candy and funnel cake, and bankrupt ourselves to the carnies. One of the highlights of this year is the so-called Baby Show, a long-standing tradition in our county. This will be our first year cajoling a one and three-year-old up on stage in western duds to be adorable amongst other young competitors ages one to three. I'm pretty sure every kid gets a prize; this is the county fair, after all.

Hobie is officially ready to go. He has his hat, his Wrangler shirt, his jeans, his boots, his big shiny belt buckle, his real spurs, and the chaps I made for Alexei eons ago.

I think he's pretty darned adorable. I love that he loves the hat at thirteen months old. I'm hoping this is the one who decides being a cowboy is the way to go. You can't tell me he doesn't look like a natural!

I'm working on Coral's chaps; this version is hot pink and I'm thinking of adding some cute suede flowers and rhinestones and such. We're also waiting on her shirt and belt to come in the mail, but I think that will complete her ensemble. I've been taking step-by-step photos as I make her chaps, and I will share that with you as soon as they're finished! It's an easy, inexpensive project that you could replicate for a leadline class, a Halloween costume, or just because. I can't wait for you to see!

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Carla S said...

Oh my goodness! Adorable x 1000!!