Friday, January 7, 2011

my fair lady

Tomorrow is the big day : fair registration. The day the kids and I commit ourselves to what we're entering, dragging along, piecing together, slaving over, and lugging to the fair next month. I admit I'm giddy over this - we had so much fun last year, our first year in 4-H. We were absolutely clueless, and it was mayhem trying to get stuff done last-minute, but it marked the first time the kids had ever exhibited anything, and what a great experience. We have our work cut out for us this year!

Alexei has decided that he's going to enter thirteen classes this year (nothing like a lucky number, eh?) One of his classes is the rabbit show, which is a live class, and the other twelve will simply display his entries at the fairgrounds with all the other 4-H happenings. He's decided to enter a drawing, a model, a wooden toy car he built with his grandpa, four photographs, a photo story, a tabletop display, and three different baked goods. I know he's hoping for lots of blue ribbons and premiums, and I hope his hard work pays off for him!

The boy is certainly ambitious.

I especially like that he had to write down the ingredients and steps for all three of his recipes. Any time I can get handwriting practice in, I feel all sneaky!

Ibis just missed the age cutoff to become a junior member this year, so her entries are limited to a special Cloverbud selection and she can choose to enter up to five categories. Cloverbuds can only display their projects instead of truly compete, but they receive a special medallion and a small premium for each of their efforts. She is showing her rabbit, entering the shoebox float parade, and will be displaying a photo, a drawing, and baking cookies. I'm actually glad she's limited again this year, or I'm not sure we ever could have decided on what to enter!

The fair also has a creative arts side for any county resident. Coral's too young yet for 4-H, but creative arts has no age limit so she will be entering a drawing for display. I can't wait to see her face when she spots her artwork hung up at the fair! Creative arts is also for adults, and I'll be entering a baked good (cinnamon rolls maybe?), a drawing, and four photographs.

For an extra special treat this year, we also enrolled Coral and Hobie in the Baby Show. Basically kids ages 1, 2, and 3 dress up in cute cowboy/cowgirl duds and earn little prizes. I think I might be looking forward to this baby torture most of all!

As an aside, the kids have been working on perfecting their drawings for the fair. Grandma bought them new art sets for Christmas and they've just been itching to break them open - homeschool art Fridays and fair projects combined for the perfect excuse.

It amazes me how the bigger their workspace gets, the bigger their mess gets. Are they like those fish that grow to fill the tank?

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