Thursday, September 2, 2010

the pretty pink room and the tears that followed

Nothing breaks my heart quite like Coral's puppy dog eyes and sad, tear-streaked face. There's something about that little girl that I have a hard time saying no to, and I guess being a good mommy sometimes means sucking it up and being a little tough on her. She loves baths. Tonight she decided to be really gross and spit out her dinner and claim it was "crunchy" and she didn't eat any of it. She gets a bath every other night along with Hobie, but she was so over-tired and whiney and grumpy tonight that I put her in pajamas, no bath, and she went to bed early. The tears were pouring and she was so pathetic and sad and it took everything in me to not scoop her up out of her bed, spoon her mouthfuls of ice cream and candy, and run her a big bubble bath to play in for an hour. She's right at that age of testing every limit and boundary we set, and I don't want to see her spiral out of control. That didn't make me feel any better though!

On a happier note, I made sense of the girls' room today and got it almost completely unpacked and prettified. It is a super cute room, VERY pink with a pretty flower border that just screams little girl. We still have to get Ibis some new bedding (hers just recently bit the dust so she's sleeping on Thomas the Train sheets, not that she cares) and maybe a new shelf, but we're pretty much set. After a long discussion with Ibis, I sorted out and re-packed all of her Barbies, three fourths of their My Little Ponies, and a big box of stuffed animals. Ibis has a hard time handling more than one or two types of toys and gets overwhelmed and starts jamming toys in drawers and closets so we chose some toys that she really wanted to keep out. We'll save the Barbies for down the road if she wants them, or for Coral to grow into. It's really hard having a kid who doesn't play with toys like a normal kid would, but I'd rather face that fact than try to force a bunch of stuff on her that she doesn't like.

Ibis and Coral's pretty pink room

Coral's side, very Pooh Bear themed

Iby's side, nice and neat

their closet and door


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