Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 24

Today, our school had a visitor in the form of an almost-four-year-old boy cousin (admit it - you thought it'd be something four-legged and furry!) My sister's son came over to spend the day, and we forged on ahead through our school lessons. This little boy is only four months older than Coral, age 3 and 7/12, so they have a lot in common. Like excitement over sharing favorite toys. Eagerness to clean up their messes. The urge to sit quietly.

They got along sweetly outside.

Until they didn't.

Coral worked on her pouty face.

She even had the baby's sympathy.

The funniest part of the day was when Ibis penciled in some extra reading on her daily school lesson planner so she could read the little guys some storybooks.

Back in the classroom, Hobie digested some Dean Koontz.

It was a busy, family-filled day. And one day I will remember to move my book collection to a higher shelf. Or a different room. Perhaps the garage.

Here are the cousins two years ago. Somewhere around here I know I have the requisite naked-in-the-bath together picture, but I'm saving that one for some important future date. Sorry.

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