Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fisher Price Musical Croc Block Wagon

As a House Party host, I was given the inside scoop on five of Fisher Price's hottest new baby toys. For those of you who aren't able to attend my Perfect Playdate, I'm sharing insider details on these great new products. Be sure to watch for my reviews on the final toy I have waiting for you, and check out my review on the Laugh and Learn Learning Kitchen, the Stride-to-Ride Dino, and the Spinnin' Sounds Speedway!

The Fisher Price Musical Croc Block Wagon

smiling in the box

initial impression:  When I first saw this in the box, I thought it looked sweet and engaging. Wagons are always big fun with kids - anything they can use to haul toys from point A (typically the bedroom) to point B (typically the living room) tends to be a hit. I was thinking that this toy was probably the most babyish of the five toys I had been sent, which is not a bad thing considering I have a baby. I was imagining my little guy was really going to like chowing on all of the blocks that came with the wagon.

packaging : Still haven't been disappointed with the packaging on any of the toys. All I needed was my trusty pocket knife, and a slice through one piece of tape and two plastic loops and the entire thing was out of the box. The plastic covering the blocks came right off as I was removing the wagon. No assembly was needed; this came already put together and with batteries, ready for play.

fresh out of the box

basic overview: The Musical Croc Block Wagon is an enticing, musical wagon made for ages 6-36 months, with an assortment of six happy, chunky block people who pop up and down (mechanically using your hands) and can stack within the wagon, and along its handle when laid flat. The croc's mouth opens and the blocks can be dropped in and retrieved from the opening lid on the wagon's back. It also has one stacking base at the rear of the wagon that squeaks. Opening the croc's mouth and interacting with the wagon brings on music and words of encouragement. The wagon can be played with as a traditional pull toy with handle out, or the handle can be folded into place underneath. The sound plays at 2 volumes or can be turned off entirely via a small switch under the wagon.

with handle engaged, ready for adventures

pros : This wagon is definitely designed for babies. It is sized for babies and young toddlers, and allows them to pursue their favorite activities : chewing and bashing. The block people are cute and simple to stack, and as an added feature they are sold in other small toy packs if your baby loves them. What's especially nice is that the sound can be turned off on this toy and the switch is of the hidden, parent-activated variety (the little black ones) so if your baby is scared of noises or you want to limit sensory overload, you can skip the music and sounds. I also like toys that are easy to store, and since the wagon's handle can fold underneath and the blocks can be tossed into the croc's mouth, this toy fits the bill. I would imagine this to be a big hit with the early walking crowd, and it is sized just right for a child of 12-24 months to pull around. 

finally a toy I get to play with!
a toy that elicits a rare smile

the Hobie gnaw of approval

cons : Of all the toys I've tried, this one seems the most age-limited. I think this would be terrific as a gift for a first birthday, but not as much of a hit for a second birthday and certainly past its prime by age three. I also think the handle would be too short for a comfortable pull by an average toddler past a second birthday, and the wagon is too small and space-limited to ever be used as a regular, stuff-hauling cart of the big kid years.

The Musical Croc Block Wagon will be a cute addition to our nine-month-old's favorite toys!

See more information and purchase the Croc Block Wagon directly through Fisher Price!

*Note: I received the Wagon free of charge through the partnership between House Party and Fisher Price. I am not being further compensated for my review*

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