Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 12

Oh baby. Baby, baby, baby. Today's school was brought to us by the letter H and the sound of nonstop screaming and crying! This has to have been our most challenging Hobie day yet. There was no satisfying him that didn't directly involve him being plastered to me, ideally with some part of my anatomy in his mouth. I even moved our rabbit cages across the room and dragged the baby cage in to the school room, hoping beyond hope that he might somehow magically enjoy it since it was in a new locale. Silly mommy, cages are not for this baby! I wound up riffling through dresser drawers until I found the ring sling I used to employ with Coral (great for a preemie, not so much for 20 squirming pounds of baby and someone with shoulder nerve damage!) and I cinched him down on my hip. It got the job done and we had a quiet and productive half-hour of school before I had to put him down and attend to some two-handed tasks. The screaming recommenced. I finally bribed Coral into playing with him and they both mercifully cooperated long enough for me to help Ibis finish her social studies and call it a day. Here's hoping Screamzilla is easier to please tomorrow!

My first attempt at appeasing the baby - fail.

My second attempt at appeasing the baby - great until I needed two hands.

Finally convinced Coral she would enjoy playing with Hobie instead of doing workbook pages.

Alexei, Grade 4
math p 70-77 : write and solve algebraic equations with variables
reading practice p 1-3and text p 22-43 : read and answer questions about The Hot and Cold Summer by Johanna Hurwitz
social studies practice p 10-11 and Ch. 1 test

Ibis, Grade 2
math p 23 & 25 : Ch 1 review and test
science p 30-35 : read about living vs nonliving things, journal about how she has changed since babyhood
social studies p 32-39 : read about the three branches of our federal government, create a branches chart

3 branches of government : Congresswoman, Supreme Court Justice, and....clown? I'll leave that interpretation to you!

Coral, pre-K
color and glue Alphabuddies Cathy C
color, cut, sort, and glue circles, triangles, squares, rectangles (Mead workbook)
pretend role play : post office
read together Fox in Socks by Dr. Seuss

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