Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 13

Stick a fork in me - I'm done. I'm not sure how it can only be Thursday, especially since Monday was a holiday and we didn't even *do* school. Ninety percent of today's problem had to do with me. The bags under my eyes have their own bags, I am so tired! The baby went to bed late, had a restless night, and woke up early. What sort of baby gets to hit the trifecta like that? Oh, right, mine! I tried a new baby amusement tactic this morning : the baby fun park circus spectacular. I posted a photo here. Yeah, it went over like a lead balloon. This infant may be loud, and he may be needy, but he is no dummy. Coral and Ibis thought the baby tent was pretty neat, but not Hobie! Tomorrow I'm thinking of breaking out a real pup tent. If the baby won't play in it, maybe I'll curl up in a sleeping bag and take a nap. Yawn!

But hey, at least it's payday!

trying out the Ergo back carry - very difficult to get him in, but he actually was pretty happy back there

Alexei, Grade 4
math p 82-84 : using variables in equations
reading practice p 4-6 : short vowel wrap-up
writing p 8-13 : draft a description of a person
read book of choice for 15 minutes
science p 40-47 : read about types of plants and fungi, journal about the parts of a plant

Ibis, Grade 2
math p 30-32 : review subtraction strategies
reading practice p 15-18 : main ideas and details
phonics practice p 19-24 : long vowel sounds
science p 36-41 : read about animal needs, journal about an animal and its needs
read book of choice

Coral, pre-K
color and glue a toilet paper roll cat
follow directions to color shapes (workbook)
role play : firemen
read together book of choice

Meow! C is for cat. 

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