Friday, February 11, 2011

Thursday's haul

Yesterday afternoon, we took the last of the kids' entries over to the fairgrounds. All of Ibis's entries were due, Alexei's baked goods had to be submitted, and the rabbit check-in time was upon us.

Ibis is in her last year as a Cloverbud (for children ages 5-7 by Sept. 1st of the start of the 4-H year) so she was limited to five entries in a smaller selection of categories. She had such fun with her projects!

Her shoebox float was just adorable this year. We told her to think of something she loved, and she chose to make an ice cream truck. A lot of glue and glitter later, we had a finished product. The school room floor may never be sparkle-free again. Next Saturday she'll get to parade her shoebox float across the Exhibition Hall stage at the fair with the other Cloverbuds, and she'll receive a medal for her efforts.

She also made banana oatmeal cookies, drew a colorful and crazy rainbow cat, and took this cool photograph of Coral.

Alexei's baked goods were wrapped up and submitted; he has high hopes for these.

Lastly, the rabbits were packed up and carted off. They'll remain for the duration of the fair and come home  next Sunday. It's amazing how much I miss seeing the little fellas around the school room!

This afternoon the fair officially opens, and the real fun begins.


Anonymous said...

Ibis's icecream truck was so adorable!!!

Tiff said...

I'm glad we have until the 3rd week in July to get ready for Fair. It's Robbie's first year as a cloverbud plus Hubby and I do all the stuff for the Meat Animal Committee like weigh-ins and the auction... Enjoy the weekend at the fair!