Sunday, February 6, 2011

all's fair

 Today, we poked, prodded, dragged, hauled, and otherwise stuffed the bulk of our fair entries into the car and traipsed off to the fairgrounds to be left at the mercy of the harried 4-H staff. And a bunch of sweet old ladies on the creative arts side of things. Gotta love the sweet old ladies.

As a recap, Alexei signed up to enter thirteen classes this year; today was the day to fork over everything but his baked goods and rabbit (the live kind, not fricasee). I showcased the rabbit tabletop in Friday's post. This was also the day for Coral to submit her drawing to the creative arts ladies, and myself a baked good, four professional photographs, and a drawing. I was feeling ambitious this year, too.

Alexei's entry for the Models class - this is a free-for-all, anything goes class. He loves Legos and builds the craziest creations from them. I love that he doesn't use a kit, but rather his imagination. Even the garage door opens! When I was a kid, my Lego houses were just big ugly squares.

The model car he made with his Grandpa for the Woodworking : Toys division. It warms my heart to see him have the opportunity to make something with my dad. Plus Grandpa clearly has the best tools around!

His entry for the Photo Story class. Kids use three to five photos to show something being built or telling a story. These show a Lego car being constructed; the hardest part about this project was setting up the cantankerous old tripod!

Four photos for People, Animals, Scenic, and Architecture categories. He'd have done more if 4-H would let him.

Alexei's drawing for the....well, the Drawing category. Pretty self-explanatory. I was surprised he wanted to enter a drawing, because I know he feels like it's not his best subject. I think seeing my artwork is an inspiration but also a confidence trasher for him, even though that's ridiculous.

Now on to Coral's entry. She's still too young for 4-H but there was no lower age limit on the creative arts list, so she put her heart into this cute little rainbow flower. I think for three years old, it's pretty darned adorable!

I entered four photographs into the professional category. Not that I make a fortune (or even pocket change lately) from taking photos, but it just felt right. Awful photo - they look gorgeous in person. My hubby mounted them to foamboard for me and even gave them beveled edges.

The drawing I picked this year, kind of old and boring but seems like most of my framed artwork has had the glass busted out of it over the past few years; the hazards of moving. One of these days maybe I'll pick up a pencil and draw something new.

Cinnamon rolls for the anything-goes baked goods category. Mostly a good excuse to make cinnamon rolls again.

All of Ibis's entries, Alexei's baked goods, and the rabbits make the trip on Thursday. That should be interesting! Busy week ahead with the kids baking up a storm, rabbits being brushed, showmanship practiced, outfits adjusted, a 4-H meeting, and school in there somewhere. I can't wait!

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