Monday, February 7, 2011

kid cooks : banana oatmeal cookies

First on our list : banana oatmeal cookies. Ibis had been eyeing these in the cookbook several weeks ago; as a banana lover, they were right up her alley. She chose to enter this batch into the 4-H Cloverbuds baking exhibition. Six of her cookies will be turned in on Thursday to a panel of judges at the fair - I imagine it takes a brave judge to sample the wares of kids ages five to eight, but these cookies are actually quite delicious. This is a great recipe to share with the kids in your life. Let them develop a love for baking!

First, give your hands a good scrub. In spite of what she originally thought, yes, soap is required.

Check over the recipe for any special requirements : oven temperature to preheat, special ingredients, etc. This recipe is from Taste of Home's Best of Baking cookbook. You can find the recipe online here. We love Taste of Home!

Assemble the cast of characters. Don't forget the kid power.

Mash the bananas. Somehow we don't own a potato masher, but a fork will do nicely. 

Measure and add the shortening and sugar to your mixing bowl, and cream mixture (let all the sugar mix into the shortening until it's nice and smooth).

Add in eggs and vanilla, and mix until combined. 

Now measure out the flour, baking soda, and cinnamon, and stir them together in another bowl. Ours is a lovely blue plastic.

Add the flour mixture to your mixing bowl. Mix on low at first to avoid a huge mess! 

Now let the bananas join the party.

Measure and add the oats and chocolate chips - try not to eat all of the chocolate chips! Mix completely.

Use a cookie scoop to measure the cookies evenly, and squeeze onto greased cookie sheets.

The first pan is ready for the oven!

Torture your baby brother by turning on the oven light. Bake for 8 minutes or until golden on the bottom edges.

Remove cookies to cooling racks. Be careful, the pan is still hot!

The cooled, finished cookies ready for eating. They taste a lot like banana bread with a hint of chocolate.

Kid made, baby brother approved!

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