Wednesday, February 16, 2011

fair updates, weekend one

The fair has taken over our lives for the past week, but it's been a worthwhile endeavor. Before you know it it will be time for weekend two and then I'd be really behind on updating you, so let's get this show on the road!

First, Alexei's exhibits and placements. He had twelve entries in the Exhibit Hall, and the Best in Show Jr. Photo Story was definitely his crowning achievement. We'll find out on Sunday what exactly the prize will be (medal? trophy? money?) but we know for sure that his photo story now moves on to the state competition. When and where that is, I couldn't tell you. I'm guessing someplace on the exact opposite end of the state. Tallahassee, anyone?

The kid's earned at least $70 in fair premiums. I need to take out a loan.

His single photos earned him three blue and one red award.

His drawing earned a red award.

His Lego model earned a blue award.

His baked goods earned two blue and one red award.

His toy car earned a red award.

His tabletop earned a red award. This was the only placing I disagreed with - I really think it deserved a blue. It was an improvement over last year's white award and he was happy with that, but this mama is still grumbling internally. I need lessons on parental showmanship here!

Ibis had four entries in the Exhibit Hall. This is her last year as a Cloverbud so her entries were limited to five (including her rabbit) and all of her work earned automatic purple awards (a medallion and $3 each).

Her crazy cat drawing.

Her photograph.

Her shoebox float.

Her baked good.

I will update on the rabbit shows asap. I can think of so many puns right now but I'll spare you. I'm nice like that.

No I'm not.

Tomorrow I'll tell you all about the weekend's hoppenings.

*A note about 4-H show placements, in case you were wondering. The classes are all divided by age into junior (8-10), intermediate (11-14), and senior (15-18). Each show entry is judged on its own merit and receives a white, red, or blue ribbon based on how it meets the class's criteria. Then all of the blue award winners in a class go on to compete against each other for a double blue, which becomes Best in Class. Then all the class winners compete against each other for a Best in Show.*

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