Monday, February 21, 2011

rabbit show success!

Here it is, the moment you've been waiting for: photos and a recap of the kids' rabbit shows. Ta da! It only took me a week to get to this point - did I mention that the fair is now officially over and we got all our stuff back today?


Well, the fair is officially over and we got all our stuff back today. I'm pretty sure I gained five pounds in fair food and I feel like I can safely wait a year before wanting to commit two weeks of our lives to the fairgrounds again. It was an amazing, wonderful, fun, rewarding experience, but it was also exhausting! Go away tourists!

Wait, we live in Orlando. That's not going to happen.

Anyhow, on to the rabbits. Alexei had his show on Saturday, presided over by an official ARBA judge (I can tell you're impressed.) He presented his rabbit to the judge who proclaimed Fuzzy to be a "nice little rabbit," and he received a blue award and Best in Class American fuzzy lop bucks. He got beat out for Best in Show by a really nice mini rex but we were all thrilled with his first try.

Then Alexei went on to compete in showmanship, which involves taking your rabbit to the judge and answering questions about rabbit judging and proving that you know what makes a good show rabbit. He was terrified over this class and actually had the opportunity to drop out, but stuck it out and went on to win second place in junior showmanship. Not too shabby!

The following Saturday, Alexei took a written test on rabbit breeds, digestion, nutrition, and basics and wound up getting third place in the rabbit skillathon at the junior level out of the six kids participating. See, homeschoolers can take tests too!

Ibis showed her rabbit in the Cloverbud show the day after Alexei, and in spite of him giving her a nice nip on the hand during the show (which she thoroughly deserved), she did great with him. She answered questions about her rabbit and her 4-H club and was adorned with a Cloverbud medal for participating. I liked how she was about a foot and a half taller than any of the other Cloverbuds.

In other rabbit news, Alexei opted to use his fair winnings to purchase another fuzzy lop show rabbit, a promising young doe who should make a great future Mrs. Fuzzy. He's decided to call her Wuzzy. I think she may be the cutest thing ever.

Guess you can call us the crazy rabbit people now.

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