Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 40

We woke, we schooled, we vegetated, the end.

No, not really. I had to break it to the kids this morning that the ice skating rink's refrigeration unit wasn't working so they had to shut down for the day.  Ahem.  *wink wink*

Instead, I was roped into promising a picnic at a park we hadn't visited in awhile, which was mercifully close to home. So we got through schoolwork, including four pages of double-digit adding for Ibis (may the Lord have mercy) and a cute art project involving the handprints of each kid and a bat body drawn on construction paper. We now have a cute bat handprint family hanging in our window, ready to greet trick-or-treaters!

And then, the park. It was an uncannily gorgeous day for Florida in October, clear and crisp with a hint of a breeze. I'm not getting used to it, mind you; I know it'll be mid-90s as soon as I start enjoying this weather. I know better by now. The kids ate lunch, practiced being monkeys on the playground, and then we took a walk on the neighboring nature trail. It's a great trail but a little scary - it's the sort of place one might go hunting for baby alligators and water moccasins. And find them. But that's another thing you learn in Florida : alligators and water moccasins are everywhere.

We made it through our adventures unscathed, ready to brave another day.

As a side note, where did this child come from? Blue eyes? Blonde hair? Freckles?

And then there's another one just like her. How do these things happen??


Charla Pearen said...

Haha! Now I understand your Florida comment! I'd much rather enjoy fall in Florida! What part of Florida are you in?

Heidi said...

We're in a suburb of Orlando, aka Mickey Mouse Land. It's usually mid-80s here come Christmas! The only thing turning colors on our trees are oranges and lemons. We don't actually have a fall to speak of!