Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day 32

Did it really take me 32 days to figure out that the baby needed his own toy shelf in the school room? I guess technically we were at our old house for the first two weeks of school and didn't have this issue, so it has only taken me 22 days. Twenty-two days of Hobie eating my Dean Koontz novels with wild abandon and it finally occurred to me that I should pack up the books and bring on the toys. What was I thinking? So, without further ado, I present to you the new baby-friendly shelf and its owner.

Yep, it was the right thing to do.

See the upper right there? Patricia Cornwell, John Sanford, and Janet Evanovich hang out up there. Out of the mouths of babes (ha!)

In other school news, our first M.O.M.S. meeting (Mothers of Many Seasons, similar to the M.O.P.S. program but with activities for children of all ages and not just the preschool set) went well. I'll admit to not being especially religious, largely from lack of exposure, but I really felt welcome. All of the kids claim to have enjoyed themselves; Alexei and Ibis learned about obedience (one can only hope these lessons stick!) and got to sing songs, color worksheets, and play kickball. Coral played in a class of six or seven other three-year-olds and they colored, played pretend, and went out to the playground. Hobie lasted about twenty minutes in the nursery with three other babies before I had to retrieve him. Twenty minutes away from me may have been a record for him.

And, all of us enjoyed snacks. Nothing says "we'll be back next time" to my family like food.

As long as it wasn't prepared by my mother.

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