Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 31

This, my friends, is the week. The week where I cast aside my inhibitions, my anxieties, and my OCDitis, and we become one with the homeschool community at large. Ooooohhhhhmmmmmm.

Last week was one I'd rather not revisit. Did you notice me not blogging about last week? There was a reason for that : last week stank. There was nothing worth sharing. It's one of those times we homeschool parents have to refer to as "challenging," because to admit that we were *holding fingers up, smashed against each other* this close to sending the kids to public school is not one of those things we talk about. No, the public expects more of a homeschooling family, seeing as we're all so perfect.


Yes, our school lessons were completed, and in a reasonable manner. But homeschooling means more than cracking open a book or cranking out worksheets. It also means filling the rest of the day with meaningful activities, and there, right there, I have fallen short. I have played the "we can't go anywhere because of the baby" card, and I have been shamelessly found out by my own self. The kids are bored, I am bored, and it is time for a change.

Tomorrow, we try a church co-op. Wednesday, a park playdate and picnic. Thursday, a new homeschool PE program. Over the course of October we have ice skating (heaven help us), a fall festival, a Halloween costume party, a ceramics painting class (heaven help us again), and numerous repeating park and PE days.  There's also a 4-H meeting in there somewhere. In all, we now have 15 of our 20 school days occupied with an activity that involves socialization.

Yep, I said the word. So. Cial. I. Zation.

Look out world, here we come.

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