Friday, October 8, 2010

Day 34

Yesterday the day dawned brightly, majestically.

Or so I'm told. I was still clinging to my pillows, passed out with babe in arms after a very long night.
I never claimed to be a morning person.

In reality we all got up, crammed breakfast down our throats, threw all of our junk into the car, and sped off to our first session of homeschool PE. The big kids cried over having to wear sneakers and socks instead of flip flops, but after a 45-minute drive we made our destination.

We were active with a PE group in the past, and had a really great experience with it. Unfortunately our town shut down all of its programs last year, and for a long time I resisted attending this new group. Forty-five minutes in a car with four kids, one of whom is a frequently-screaming infant, is not really my idea of fun. But, I promised a new adventurous me, and here I am!

This is the elementary school hour; I believe we had 22 kids in attendance today.

The kids prepare for stretching and running laps (better them than me!)

Playing some sort of game.

Ground Quidditch? I have no idea. They ran around like nuts and had fun.

Coral enjoyed the big playground with other younger siblings.

Hobie was all smiles on the swings.

After PE, we invaded the recreation complex and I signed both kids up for the rest of the session. We will be making this trip for at least the next four weeks, and I suspect my Thursdays are set forever. But if they enjoy it and can take something positive home from it, it will be worth the drive.

And I will pack lots of Coke and Tylenol for me.

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