Thursday, September 1, 2011

baby bunnies!

I'll be posting about our science co-op shortly but while I was gathering up all the info, our fuzzy lop doe surprised us today and kindled her first litter! We were literally standing right there next to the cage wondering what she was doing; she hopped out of the nest and there were three squirming little pink blobs laying in the hay. The kids got a quick and thorough education on afterbirths and what most animals do with them, and that was about it for the fanfare! So far the babies are sightless little blobs. They all appear to be healthy but since Wuzzy is a first-timer, I'm a little nervous about her mothering capabilities. Only time will tell!

One of the babies has definite pink skin and the other two have gray skin. It will be interesting seeing what colors they grow out!

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