Monday, November 8, 2010

fun free downloadable game for pre-K

If your kids are anything like mine, they are suckers for anything that involves the computer. Of course they all love the online toy-oriented games like the Lego website. My oldest even has some sort of crazy "business" on his Lego account where he trades X amount of apples for an apple pie. Or something.

But what about the pre-K set? If you have a child ages 2-4 who has never really done anything on a computer, letting them play games online can be a challenge. You will invariably have to help them every step of the way or they will accidentally click on the advertisements, other page links, your bookmarks, and before you know it, they've added Likes to your facebook account (true story!)

There's a better way. If you live in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, or Tennessee (home to Publix grocery stores), or can borrow a friend or relative's address from those states, you can register online for a free Publix Preschool Pals account. In addition to coupons and newsletters, you can download their Preschool Pals game! This used to be available on CD back when my oldest was a preschooler; we had given up the idea of playing it since it required ancient Mac (or PC) platforms for it to work, and our new Intel Mac didn't support the software. Happily, Publix has recently updated the game and the new download is the same great game but works on newer computers!

So what do you get for your download? Most importantly, a game that occupies your entire screen and doesn't allow little hands to stray onto other web pages. The game includes seven fun zones and introduces preschool concepts like early counting, listening skills, the alphabet, food groups, and art to your child with surprisingly good graphics and sound for a freebie. Children play three levels of each game and earn coins every time they complete a level. The levels are a short three-question set to keep even the shortest attention spans engaged. This is definitely worth the effort to have on your computer.

And you'll probably start having the urge to pick up something from the deli at Publix.

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