Wednesday, October 21, 2009

30 weeks!

I actually had my appointment with my OB last Tuesday and everything was looking good - blood pressure is still reasonable at 120/77, I'm measuring about a week ahead by fundal height, and baby's heartbeat sounded great. The happiest part was my urine is still clean - who knew that would be a cause to celebrate LOL Then this morning I had my appointment up at the hospital with the perinatologist for the Level II u/s. My BP was nice and low at 122/60. Baby is looking great, his heartrate was 143, amniotic fluid was good. The placenta is at 4.51cm and it looks healthy and bloodflow is adequate. They pegged his size at 3lb, 12oz which is 67th percentile. Coral was born at 30w1d (two days earlier than this 30w3d u/s) at 3lb, 3oz so if they're correct he's a good size! Other than that, everything is good! I'm at 189 pounds, yippee. I hit the big mark on Saturday at which I had Coral, and it feels like such a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders that we got past that scary milestone.

Oh yes! And my blood sugar number was a nice low 92 from the previous visit's screening. Thank goodness!

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