Tuesday, July 7, 2009

boring 15 week appointment

Yeah, sorry, it's a boring update. I was really nervous going in and didn't sleep much at all last night, since I haven't felt the baby moving at all lately. But, the doctor found the heartbeat right away in the 150's and that was a huge relief! I've been driving myself crazy this past week and I'm glad everything is fine. Other than that, my blood pressure is still really good at 103/70, so far in this pregnancy I've only gained 1 pound (I'm at 163), and no protein in my urine. We get to go in four weeks (Aug 4th) for the big u/s! I'm excited about that. I also am supposed to have a high-risk consult to go over my history with a specialist and get a better feel for the odds of getting sick/placenta issues/having a preemie again. The high-risk place is supposed to call me in the next few days with an appointment. DH will be thrilled, he hates having to deal with the kids if I have an appointment (the high risk center is at our local women's hospital where Coral lived for 6 weeks, it is in downtown Orlando and there's no way I'm making that drive by myself - yes, I am a big driving weenie!) But I have no sympathy, I took all 3 of them with me this morning. We came home and everyone had ice cream cones as a thank you at 9:45 in the morning. I am not above bribery!

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