Friday, May 1, 2009

beta number!!

So I got my beta number today from the blood draw on the 29th. I was either 5w6d or 6 weeks exactly depending on how you calculate things. I'm going to stick with 6 weeks - nice even number and it matches the Christmas due date. That whole dating thing is still so confusing. Anyway, the number was 5371. I think that's right down the middle of normal. We like normal! I go in Tuesday morning for the first ultrasound - looking forward to that!! I should be a day shy of 7 weeks. I have a feeling Monday is really going to drag! Hubby is taking all of Tuesday off because we're taking the kids to a surprise pool party for one of their PE buddies after homeschool PE. I wonder if he'll be brave enough to come to PE and be the only guy?

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