Monday, September 8, 2008

school time! 1st day Aug 18th

I'm going back in time a little bit but I decided I wanted to add every day of lesson plans for our school to look back on and to share with others! To highlight, our first day was August 18th. Alexei is 7 and in 2nd grade with Florida Connections Academy (FCA), a virtual school. Basically we homeschool using a private school curriculum (Calvert) that is funded and overseen like a public school (i.e. we're still responsible for marking daily attendance, have to make adequate progress and take tests/receive grades, have a teacher we can talk to and must call once a month, and must take state testing starting in 3rd grade). It's a great program with a lot of flexibility and we love it! Alexei did FCA last year and I don't have enough good things to say about it. Ibis is 5 and being homeschooled in kindergarten (due to FL's changing laws she may not be allowed to enter a virtual school without attending a year of public school first - that is never going to happen! We are using Harcourt materials for Ibis.

Alexei - week 1 lesson plans
Monday :
math - completing addition wheels
science - reading about an ocean explorer and seeing how objects look on land versus water
lang arts - writing parent/student goal for reading for the year
art - taking a line around a page and coloring in the shapes

math - adding single-digit numbers with sums greater than 10
soc stud - learning about The Star Spangled Banner

math - counting up to ten and addiing the difference to add single-digit numbers
science - reading about science safety (during experiments, observations, etc)
soc stud - learning days of week/months of year and # of days in each month; studying a calendar

math - adding using doubles (plus or minus one)
soc stud - overview of 5 themes of geography (location, place, human/environment interaction, movement, regions)
lang arts - read Len and Linda's Picnic and learning how to predict, decode phonics, clarify

math - using week's strategies to add
science - learn how to use meter stick, thermometer, and magnifying glass
lang arts - go over spelling words (ask, sat, fan, map, hand, cap, sad, fat, bat, as) and create a journal entry
art - draw an outline of a human figure

week 2 lesson plans
math - review addition facts to 12
science - learn the steps of a scientific investigation
lang arts - reviewing beginning consonant sounds/consonant clusters

math - counting back to subtract
soc stud - learn about land/water forms (island, lake, river, valley, hill, mountain, plain, ocean) and create a land and a water collage
lang arts - digraph sounds (ch, sh, th, wh) and practice writing complete sentences
edu tech - practice keyboarding numbers/letters

math - subtraction patterns (5-0, 5-1, 5-2, 5-3, 5-4, 5-5)
science - test
soc stud - human/environment interaction (clothes for seasons, how people use the land)
lang arts - review short vowel sounds, trace hand and write one idea about yourself on each finger, then write a draft composition about yourself with a sentence for each finger

math - counting up to subtract
soc stud - quiz
lang arts - putting letters together to make words, word bank (bought, kitchen, roll, front, until), edit and publish draft
edu tech - keyboard letters along rows

math - related subtraction facts (9-4=5, 9-5=4)
science - learn about roots, stems, & leaves and how plants get water
lang arts - spelling words and journal entry
art - draw forms of transportation

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